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  • How it works

    Super easy:
    1. Tell us where you live or where you are going
    2. We will find you people who will be there on the same dates as you
    3. Chat online, plan and meet once you get there

  • Why mingle?

    Why not Mingle? Is'nt traveling more fun with more people?
    Find people to: party, eat out, attend concerts, movies or sports events, explore the city or just a romantic date with the perfect stranger

Tips to meet new people

  • Have a cheerful disposition: Smile, without starting or making people feel uncomfortable
  • Initiate a discussion with something non personal – ask for directions or what's interesting to do in the area
  • Offer to take pictures or request them to take yours. This is a great way to start conversations
  • Use public transport instead of taxis. You are more likely to meet new people in a bus than taxi
  • Stay in hostels instead of hotels. A lot of young and open minded people stay in hostels and hang out together
  • Take group tours of the city, or join a bar crawl. Great way to meet new people
  • Be respectful and fun. Don't be pushy or needy

Top 5 destinations

  • 1
    Kuala Lumpur

    651 Active trips

  • 2

    642 Active trips

  • 3

    534 Active trips

  • 4
    New York City

    363 Active trips

  • 5
    Mumbai (Bombay)

    336 Active trips